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Observe and Protect was the Posse's entry into the 48 Hour Film Project 2009 for Houston. All teams competing were given a specific genre and were required to include a certain character, prop, and line of dialogue in their short film. The Posse, to the surprise of no one, pulled comedy from the hat. Enjoy!

Observe and Protect made it to the Best of Houston Awards this year!

Character: Jarod or Janice Puller, Officer
Prop: a ball
Line of Dialogue: "I'm just not sure about that."

Cast and Crew:
Mark deTranaltes
Neil Lokken
Chris Minor
Will Schorre
Wesley Weiss
Sage Coram
Bryan Maddox

Cookies worth stealing
Watching movies
Done on time

48 Hour Filmmaker: Houston 2009

The Posse was also interviewed and put in the papers!
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Done on time
Watching movies
Cookies worth stealing